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Blow up wave after wave of asteroids to progress in this arcade survival game. Pick a ship and purchase powers to fit your play style. Improve your ship to gain an edge over the various space hazards you will encounter.


  • Mouse: Aim
  • Left click: Shoot towards cursor, buy item, pick menu option
  • Right click: Move towards cursor
  • W, X, C: Use bought abilities (can be changed in Settings)
  • Space: Finish upgrading
  • Escape, Enter: Pause

This demo contains 3 ships to choose from and 8 waves to survive through. Please note: various features are unimplemented, among which saving, unlockables and a few powers.

Known bugs: Buying something sometimes causes background stars to glitch out. Background stars carry over from the game to the menu. Game experiences slowdown when reloading.

@steroidal began as an entry to the June 2014 AGDG Microgame Jam. I worked on it on and off for about a year before putting it on hold. This was mainly due to dissatisfaction with my own design decisions. I do have plans to revive the game eventually, but it'll likely involve starting from scratch.

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe. The game does not use extra files.

Note: the game will launch at full screen. You can change this in the settings.


@steroidal demo.exe (36 MB)

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