A downloadable game for Windows

Move your trusty spaceship away from incoming asteroids, blast them to pieces, and blast the pieces to pieces again for ore! With it, you can buy things to help you survive and blast more asteroids, as each wave contains more.

Get hit three times and it's game over.

The following controls are also explained in-game:

  • Cursor: Aim
  • Left click: Shoot/Buy
  • Right click: Move
  • Z, W, X, C: Bought abilities
  • Space: Proceed
  • Backspace: Invert colors, if you like white on black better
  • Escape: Quit
  • F4: Fullscreen

My personal preference: White on black, fullscreen, with this in the background to make up for the lack of music : http://youtubeonrepeat.com/watch/?v=sEhhn8-IX04

(EDIT: Reupload. Fixed a stupid bug.)

More information

Published2 years ago
Tagsasteroids, game-maker, jam, Retro, Shooter
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe. No extra files.


@steroidal.exe (2 MB)